Astana Hub's newly established UX Laboratory successfully conducted its first neurophysiological research during the annual DesignScience2023 conference.

The laboratory, the first of its kind in Central Asia, offers unique capabilities for conducting neurophysiological studies in the field of user experience (UX). The opening of the lab became a highlight of the conference, attracting participants from various industries and design professionals.

Astana Hub's UX Laboratory serves as an innovative space for collaboration with companies, research institutions, and universities in Central Asia and beyond. Its advanced equipment allows in-depth research on user experience, utilizing neurophysiological analysis methods to study users' reactions to sounds, words, images, videos, texts, tastes, and specific actions. The ultimate goal is to inspire participants to create products that are not only user-friendly but also significant tools for achieving the objectives of startups that strive to make the world a better place, as highlighted by Tanat Uskembaev, Director of Corporate Innovations at Astana Hub.

The integration of neurophysiological research in IT product development has a wide range of practical applications. It enables developers to optimize user interfaces, enhance usability, and reduce cognitive load on users. Additionally, such research helps evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies by measuring potential customers' reactions to various stimuli.

Baltabek Bekenov, CEO of, emphasized the increasing saturation of the market with products, the acceleration of the pace of life, rising customer demands, and technological advancements among competitors. He stressed the importance of breakthroughs in the market, which the opening of the UX Laboratory in Astana Hub represents, providing an opportunity for innovative research and the creation of products that meet users' needs and values.

DesignScience2023 brought together industry leaders and representatives from companies such as Astana Hub,, Altel, Red_mad_robots Central Asia,, Kaztour, Usability Factory, and Neurotrend. During the conference, specialists shared their expertise and knowledge regarding the structure of CX/UX processes.

Bakhtiyar Zhakupov, Product Manager at 7Generation, shared his impressions of the conference, expressing satisfaction with its focus not only on developing specific design areas but also on positioning design as a science. He praised the high caliber of speakers and the genuinely intriguing discussion topics. The conference provided valuable insights that he can apply practically in his work.

DesignScience2023 gathered approximately 130 guests and featured 15 speakers, predominantly representing the design industry. Astana Hub remains committed to developing an innovative space that contributes to the advancement of user experience and product design science.

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