A regional IT hub has recently opened in the Zhetysu Region

Digital Jetisu has been established in Taldykorgan to provide support for IT startups and foster the development of innovative projects across the country's regions. The hub received backing from the the Ministry of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Zhetysu Region administration.

Jetisu IT-Hub operates under the Youth Resource Center, and its opening ceremony was attended by Darkhan Kydyrali, the Minister of Information and Public Development. He extended his best wishes to the youth and expressed confidence that the IT-Hub would discover new talents.

These regional hubs focus on advancing innovative projects within their respective areas and offering training and education to IT professionals. They also facilitate the formation of local IT communities, bringing together startups, investors, mentors, and all those interested. Throughout the startup incubation period, they provide guidance in developing entrepreneurial skills, securing investments, managing financial accounts, and offering PR support.

Aida Dusova, the Director of the Regional Development Office at Astana Hub, stated, "Digital Jetisu is poised to become a magnet for the youth and IT community of the Zhetisu region. We plan to introduce educational programs from Astana Hub to the region, conduct incubation programs for startups, and organize diverse events for the IT community. We are confident that the opening of Digital Jetisu will be a significant milestone in the region's IT sector, enabling young individuals to realize their dreams and achieve success in the field of IT."

It's worth noting that Astana Hub has set a target of establishing 11 regional IT hubs nationwide this year. Besides Taldykorgan, operational IT hubs can already be found in four regions of Kazakhstan - Uralsk, Taraz, Kyzylorda, and Semey.

Within these regions, there are online educational programs available, such as Startup School for aspiring entrepreneurs, No Code courses to develop IT product development skills without coding, and the Startup Academy for technological entrepreneurship. Additionally, various offline and online meetings, training sessions, and workshops are conducted, where accomplished IT entrepreneurs share their experiences and insights on IT, sales, strategy, marketing, and more.

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