Kazakhstan's leading IT institutes have united to develop platform solutions

The BTS Digital Company, the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups and the Tech Hub of the Astana International Center (AIFC) have signed an agreement on the intention to create a consortium for the development of digital platform solutions in Kazakhstan. The parties plan to combine their competencies and resources for the digitalization of economic sectors and the creation of joint digital platforms.

The platform approach is a way of interaction between suppliers, consumers and manufacturers through unified online resources, superapplications, marketplaces, etc. Thanks to digital platforms, the exchange of information and value between participants is greatly accelerated.

On the one hand, platform solutions create convenience for users, optimize costs, increase the speed of bringing services to market, on the other hand, they require high–quality infrastructure and need high-quality expertise and support.

"Our goal as members of the consortium is to introduce the practice of implementing and combining services within the framework of a platform approach, creating new platform solutions and promoting the emergence of breakthrough digital IT projects in Kazakhstan," commented Nurtay Abilgaliyev, CEO of BTS Digital.

The consortium creation process will be divided into several stages.  It will begin with the analysis of existing platforms and solutions, the formation and preparation of a team, the search and identification of partners. In the future, a roadmap will be formed and the next projects will be identified.

"The introduction of digital platforms implies the dissemination of innovative developments, and, accordingly, increasing the competitiveness of business. This initiative will allow Kazakhstani startups to quickly adapt IT products to the needs of users and enter new markets," said Magzhan Madiyev, Director General of the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub. 

"The platform approach significantly accelerates and simplifies the development of digital projects. In this regard, the experience and capabilities of the AIFC Tech Hub allow us to support technology companies, promote the development of an innovative ecosystem and financial technologies, as well as bring new products and services to the international market. By joining forces with leading market participants, we create conditions not only for the qualitative growth of the digital industry in Kazakhstan, but also for expanding its influence on the national economy," Pavel Koktyshev, CEO of Tech Hub, summed up.

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