ORATORFEST: A Meeting of Young Talented Orators at Astana Hub

Astana Hub hosted the ORATORFEST event on April 15, 2023, where 85 talented and ambitious young people gathered to improve their communication skills. The festival offered an excellent opportunity for the IT community of Kazakhstan to learn how to structure their presentations and convey complex information to investors.

The festival included interactive micro-training sessions from six leading experts in sales, leadership, and oratory tricks, as well as training in acting skills from the artistic director of the Theater "Sovremennik," Vitaliy Yakovlev. Participants also learned how to congratulate their loved ones and friends in poetic form with poet, writer, and journalist Dina Oraz.

The speakers at the ORATORFEST gave valuable advice on dealing with fear, identifying speech tricks, conducting express negotiations, and acting skills. Participants were amazed by the charisma, speech skills, and ability of the orators to convey their ideas to the audience.

The event was a great success, and participants appreciated the micro-training concept, which helped them identify their growth points. The co-organizer of ORATORFEST, Pavel Pinzhenin, advised participants to be open and honest when talking about their goals and opportunities to achieve what they want faster.

Olga Izmailova, the director of the events office at Astana Hub, thanked all the participants and invited everyone to follow future announcements in the "Events" section on the astanahub.com platform to participate in upcoming events.

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Супер мероприятие!!