‘Our clients' revenue grew by 20% in 2 months’. How the internet marketing processes platform helps businesses

ALTA LLP is a platform for helping SMEs on online marketing processes using a neural network, which became a member of Astana Hub. Read an interview with CEO Alyona Zakharova.

About the platform. How did you get the idea to create such an unusual platform?

The idea of creating a platform to help SMEs on marketing process came long time ago. In 12 years of working as a marketer in SME I was lucky to work with more than 300 companies. I've always wanted to automate marketing processes. 

Our platform as all startups is in a constant process of modification. Today our project is on ‘in-depth interview’ stage: for the last 2 months of presence in Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities we have found and have already successfully served more than 10 companies. Now we are preparing for the next stage of scaling. 

About relocation. Why did you choose Kazakhstan?

‘Our core team is from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and when we thought about relocation, we immediately made the unanimous decision to move to Kazakhstan. Because we have been here before and it has always been very pleasant experience. Thanks to the similarity of mentalities, we are very comfortable in Kazakhstan. Also many words are similar, because Yakut belongs to the Turkic group of languages as well as Kazakh language’. 

About major projects. What achievements are you proud of?

We have achieved quite good results in Kazakhstan in past 2 months: in total our clients' revenue increase is up to 20%. For example, their monthly turnover in the beginning was from 45 to 48 million tenge, while today their profit is up to 51 million tenge. Achievement of this indicator in 2 months was possible thanks to implementation of right marketing processes. 

About the team. What plans do you have for implementing the project in Kazakhstan?

Today there are 5 people working in our company: two remotely from Yakutia and three in Kazakhstan. We passed the Customer Development stage and modified our product, taking into account the peculiarities of the local market. 

Now we are recruiting a team of locals: we conducted the first stage of interviews and we are very happy that there are many talented and young professionals in marketing! By the way, if there are any marketers and guys who recently graduated from Digital marketing courses among the readers of astanahub.com, we would be glad to hear from everyone! Write to the e-mail address: eiradigital@yandex.ru.

By the end of 2022 we want to recruit 50-70 people in our team and start cooperation with 150 SMEs in Kazakhstan! Our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow and develop using modern digital technology and strategic approach to achieve measurable goals.

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