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13 neural networks that a marketer should use in his work

Hi! My name is Ekaterina Shirshitskaya, I am a content marketer. Today, without long introductions, I share the top neural networks that can really unload the work of a marketing department or agency. Share your findings in the comments, I will be grateful.

For photos

  • The AI of the photostock libraryDepositphotos for quick background removal on photos. The second option is Remove
  • Zyro – image quality improvement.
  • Midjorney – no comments:)
  • Leonardo ai – thanks to the last two, we refused subscriptions to many drains and did not lose in the variety of content. We still turn to the drains if necessary, but we have already introduced AI to many clients – visual in social networks. networks, landing page elements, etc.

For the video

Unscreen – clearing the background on the video.

For sound

  • Adobe Podcast – improves the sound quality. We use it when recording videos.
  • Krisp is an application for noise reduction of sounds at audio and video conferences. It is used to remove background voices, noises and echoes during work calls.
  • Robivox is a decent enough voice–over of texts in Russian. We use it mainly for advertising creatives.

For texts

  • AI EditorDeepl Write helps to make text translations more authentic.
  • Grammarly is an online platform based on artificial intelligence to help you communicate in English. It helps to correct everything – from grammar to tone and style compliance.


  • Notion AI – creation of posts, letter templates, lists, summaries, correction of grammar, style of texts. Built into Notion.
  • Chat openai, of course. It helps well in routine tasks, structuring information. It will not replace a good marketer or copywriter. It will replace the bad one:)

AI helps a lot in the work of a marketer, so now I'm looking for neural networks that can help the analytics department. If you know such – please share in the comments!

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Спасиб за статью. Не забывайте еще про ChatGPT, Google Bard - как лучшая база ответов


Здравствуйте! Отличное дополнение, спасибо!