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13 rules of targeted advertising of real estate, which we applied in the promotion of real estate agencies in Turkey

Instagram Facebook collected in the article what they brought out in the rules for themselves and thanks to which they received 1.5 euro leads on Instagram, Facebook and 300₽ in Vk.

This collection will definitely be useful for those who are going to work with real estate in order to structure the approach to advertising and not mess up at the beginning of working with a client.

These are not all the techniques that we have used, and we all know that in target, for many reasons, what worked today may stop working tomorrow. But these rules seemed to us in NotBossy to be the most universal and effective in any context.

Rule #1. Write the price when working with premium or business class real estate. Our client is focused on these segments, although he also sells comfort. The demonstration of value helps to filter out illiquid applications for cheap real estate. Those who have "no money" will just pass by.

Rule #2. Segment the audience already at the stage of advertising creativity. That is, we do not just sell "comfortable LCD in Alanya", but LCD for a digital nomad, for a family, etc. Of course, this is not the last segmentation of the audience.

Rule number 3. List at least 3, and preferably 5 important advantages of the object. Investment advantages in creatives also helped filter out the audience. The most lethal, of course, we send in the header.

Rule No. 4. Use a comparison in the economy segment. For example, the cost of a comfortable two-bedroom apartment with a fresh renovation and a swimming pool in Alanya versus a two-bedroom apartment in the Moscow region with a "grandmother's" repair for the same price. Visualize, not just write comparison texts.  

Rule #5. Segment your audience using lead forms in FB. Lead forms are an effective tool in real estate advertising. Ask a few key questions and send the client's request to the sales department so that managers already understand the "tip of the iceberg".

Rule No. 6. Use landing pages with quizzes. Assemble several one-page websites with the main element in the form of a quiz, survey or test. They also help segment the audience, and when working with business and comfort classes, the cost of the application is minimal. We have developed quizzes and created landing pages for each segment of the target audience.

Rule No. 7.Keep in mind the needs of the buyer. The well-known and already slightly "beaten up" Maslow pyramid plays its role. Study the target audience, understand what they need. The need for security, comfort, status, economy, belonging to a certain circle? We close the need for texts.

Rule No. 8. Use the agency's real estate catalogs or, as in our case, design your own. They should be very beautiful. Very. We created and designed catalogs of objects that were used in funnels as lead magnets. We used a separate landing page as a catalog and pdf files with detailed information about the objects: from the plans of the object to the listing of the nearest stores, etc.

Rule No. 9. Have 2-3 spare accounts in case of sudden blocking of the FB. Warm up manually to reduce the risk of blocking.

Rule number 10. Do not forget about the calls at the end and on the buttons. And don't stick multiple invocations together. The buttons worked well: "download catalog" or "find out the cost right now".

Rule No. 11. Do not work without a sales department. Leads in real estate do not live long (as elsewhere), so the quality of application processing is of great importance. And also the service and the first impression:) Always check the quality of the work of the sales department, because the client does not always immediately understand from which side the problem has arisen. Recently, we were contacted by a survey of competitors, from whom we left a request about 2 months ago. It's better not to do that.

In addition, the transaction cycle in real estate is quite long, so the sales department should not forget about applications that worked 2-4 months ago, but did not bring to the final decision.

Rule No. 12. Use a personal brand if possible. Even if you are an agency, it is worth considering this tool. In the niche of real estate, he shows himself perfectly. People still like to buy from people :)

Rule No. 13. Remember the importance of retargeting. Remind yourself and work to increase trust in you, but do not burn out the audience with endless creatives, so as not to run into negativity.

The cost of a lead in a Prohibited network is 1.5 euros

Vkontakte – 300 rubles

Lead conversion to a deal – 4-6%

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