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"The main thing is to learn something new every day" - Dinara Kanafina, a student of the Tech Orda program.

My name is Dinara, I am 29 years old. By profession, I am a chemist-technologist of pharmaceutical production and a chemist-teacher, I was educated at KarSU. She has worked in this field since her student years and up to the present time.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, I felt the need for change. Looking for a job with a more flexible schedule and less impact on health, I turned my attention to the IT industry.

My journey into the IT world began with the search for a suitable educational program. My husband helped me here by telling me about the Nfactory School. They immediately caught my attention with their friendly and caring approach to their students.

About applying to the Tech Orda program

I found out about the Tech Orda program in the summer of 2021 through social networks and already then decided that I needed to try to apply for it. But for the first two years, for personal reasons, I postponed this venture, because I knew for sure that I needed to devote a lot of time and attention to learning. I think I made the right decision by applying this year, because now I spend 4-5 hours a day on effective training.

I chose a web development course (Frontend) because it seemed to me that it was an easy start in IT, and I wanted to try to show my creativity.

To date, I have already completed almost half of the program, and I like everything, especially solving interesting algorithm problems. Of course, there are difficulties, and they will always be, but without them, learning would not be so exciting and interesting. The most important thing is to learn something new every day.

The support of mentors greatly facilitates learning and guides you to the correct solution of tasks.

I will definitely recommend this program to my friends – even if not for the purpose of changing my profession, but for personal growth. And, of course, I express my great gratitude to Astana Hub for the opportunity to study at such strong schools as Nfactory School.

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