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AI as an integration tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used as the main tool in various fields to solve many problems. AI is not a competitor for us, but rather an assistant that will free us from routine, uninteresting, routine tasks.

At the start of the project, we set out to introduce AI into our work, so we decided to explore what tools are there and what of them are available. To do this, we studied about a hundred different cases with AI algorithms and integrated some processes into our FB terminal for working with exchanges.

In our FB terminal project, we used:

Algorithmic analysis

Our trading terminal uses sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze large amounts of data from multiple markets in real time to generate accurate trading signals.

Machine Learning

The system is constantly learning from new data, which makes it possible to improve the accuracy of signals and adapt to changing market conditions.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced analytics helps to predict possible market changes and provide users with important information for making trading decisions.

And what integrations do you use?

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