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Amazon in Kazakhstan: new opportunities for consumers and businesses

In 2023, Amazon continues to strengthen its position in the Kazakh market. The company plans to reduce the prices and delivery times of parcels to Kazakhstan with the help of Kazpost. This year, it is expected that the delivery of parcels from Amazon will cost from $7 to $9, which is significantly cheaper than the current price of $75.

In addition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the acquisition of the Outpost cloud solution. This will allow the company to place data centers in Kazakhstan and improve the quality of cloud services for local users.

Despite the fact that Amazon is just starting its way in the Kazakhstan market, the company already has significant potential for development. New opportunities for consumers and businesses open the doors to economic growth and attract new investments to the country.

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Это важный шаг для казахстанского рынка, поскольку уменьшение стоимости и ускорение процесса доставки посылок с Amazon существенно расширит доступ потребителей к разнообразным товарам и услугам.