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Aruzhan Kaldybek - Speaker at SOC-Forum 2023

Cryptography and cybersecurity issues are topics that always remain relevant in the modern digital world. As part of the SOC-forum event, which will be held on November 14-15, Aruzhan Kaldybek will present a report "Malware and Cryptography", highlighting important aspects of the relationship between malicious software and cryptography.

This event will provide an excellent opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience among cybersecurity specialists, and Aruzhan Kaldybek promises to contribute to the discussion of topical issues.

We wish Aruzhan success in her speech at the SOC-forum, and we look forward to the valuable research and practical guidance that she will present in her presentation. Together we can make the digital world safer and more reliable.

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Это замечательная новость, что Аружан Калдыбек выступит на SOC-Forum 2023 с докладом "Malware and Cryptography", обсуждая ключевые вопросы, связанные с криптографией и кибербезопасностью.