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Astana Hub keeps special control over compliance with the terms of participation and the development of priority areas

The Monitoring Service is actively working in this area Astana Hub, which provides support to participants and performs analysis and verification of reporting data, execution and achievement of project indicators set in business plans.

The disciplined participants of the Technopark play a key role in ensuring a stable and prosperous society. Compliance with obligations should be considered not only as a legal necessity, but also as an important aspect — timely submission of quarterly reports, reports on the sale of goods, works and services, indicating the name. Adhering to the established rules and conditions of participation is really necessary to create a stable and progressive ecosystem. This is the only way to ensure the sustainable development and well-being of the participants.

We especially note the participants of the Technopark, who strictly comply with the conditions of participation and actively develop priority areas in the field of ICT.

The Technopark is also developing innovative projects aimed at land management, IT education support and robotics training:

1. Land Insurance Management: A web-based platform for land management using satellite monitoring. It provides insurance and reinsurance opportunities for land plots, improving the control and management of resources.

2. Support for education in IT: A web platform with the integration of artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality technologies. She creates personalized educational courses and career path simulators, facilitating individual learning and career growth in the IT field.

3. Robotics and programming training: A robotics and programming center focused on training specialists of the future. The program includes the assembly and programming of robots, the study of sensors and mathematical operators, as well as participation in robotics competitions, developing logic, creativity and responsibility.

We wish all participants of the technopark success and profitable activities in compliance with the established rules and conditions of participation.

Sincerely, Astana Hub Monitoring Service

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