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Byte-Mobile: We are looking for Programmers to Accelerate the Development of MVP! 🚀

Hello, Byte-Mobile friends!

🌟 We are thrilled to inform you that our MVP is already in development. We need additional resources to accelerate this process and bring it to completion by the end of the year.

What we already have:

Initial functionality that provides learning flexibility, a variety of resources and teacher support.

Byte-Mobile's mission is already attracting the attention of investors, which is pushing us forward.

What are we looking for:

Talented programmers who want to join our team and help accelerate the development of MVP. We invite you to become a part of an innovative project that will change the future of education.

Advantages for you:

Working on a game-changing project in the field of education.

An experienced team, ready for challenges and teamwork.

The opportunity to develop your skills in the field of web development and artificial intelligence.

Tasks for programmers:

🏗️ Development of the platform architecture.

🎨 Creating a user interface and experience.

Implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning functions.

Work on APIs and integrations with other systems.

Even if you have no experience, but you have a passion for technology, we will be your mentors and teach you everything you need. Join us!

How to join:

If you are an experienced programmer in the field of web development, artificial intelligence or mobile development, or if you have no experience but have enthusiasm and desire to learn, contact me via WhatsApp at +87078003914.

Let's create the future of education together! 🚀🌐

My contacts:

📞 Number: +87078003914 (WhatsApp)

📧 Email:

🔗 LinkedIn:


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