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Part of the history in the development of Kazakhstan

Good afternoon to all! I am writing the first post and it coincided with the congratulations of Astana Hub, with the achievement of the date of 5 years of existence. Congratulations to Astana Hub on such a significant day, happy birthday to such a wonderful team of people, organizations!

I work for an investment company that closely cooperates in Astana Hub in the field of information technology. This position strengthened our team, many employees were able to find like-minded people, partners and mentors. When Astana Hub was organized, everyone had preconceived opinions about this, saying that it would not enter , would not contribute significantly to the development of IT and other areas. But look what has changed in 5 years - Astana Hub has become a springboard for many novice specialists, as well as for me, in professional achievements. From an ordinary system administrator, with the help of friends, mentors, Astana Hub will make any goals achievable and you can become at least a SIO, but if you really try, then a CIO. Congratulations again! 

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Дмитрий Краюшкин, в лице Astana Hub благодарим Вас за поздравительный пост! Благодарим Вас за поддержку и активное участие во всех инициативах! Желаем успехов и новых достижений в сфере IT!