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ChatGPT — revolution or fashion? How neural networks can help in the work

In recent years, generative models have gone from a "raw" technology to a useful working tool. they are used by a variety of specialists: designers, copywriters, developers, managers. Experts predict the growth of the global neural network market from $14.35 billion in 2020 to $152.61 billion by 2030. 

In the final episode of the fifth season of the Kolesa Podcast, a sensational topic was discussed — generative models. Namely:

- how to use ChatGPT correctly in your work; - the impact of widespread neural networks; - business risks of using artificial intelligence (AI).

The guests were:
· Khambar Dusaliyev — Head of ML & Operations Department at Kolesa Group · Kamalkhan Artykbayev — Lead Computer vision Engineer at Parqour

Will artificial intelligence take away people's jobs

Kamalkhan Artykbayev: Yes, AI takes certain jobs. But due to his actions, he creates new positions. And each time the bar in terms of competencies and specialization is growing. AI redirects the energy of employees in another direction, taking over the routine. This is a very cool assistant at work.

Which professions will AI affect exactly

Khambar Dusaliev: First of all, AI will affect post-industrial professions. To those areas where the maximum added value is produced by people: their creative work. For example, this is IT, design.

Pros and cons of using GPT chat

Kamalkhan Artykbayev: Plus — a cool assistant who speeds up the work. Minus — it can give false information. There were high-profile legal cases when the GPT chat made a reference to non-existent cases.

Khambar Dusaliyev: Any technology that lowers the entry threshold is good. She is pouring new blood into the industry: thanks to AI, more people are going to work in creative fields. But there is a downside here — people don't know the basics. And, for example, a developer through a GPT chat can generate not the most optimal code.

We must remember that the GPT chat reuses the entered data for training. So, if you enter a piece of your code, you can accidentally leak the company's trade secrets.

Risks of using GPT chat for companies

Khambar Dusaliyev: Be careful what you write there. Companies have trade secrets, personal data of users — there is a risk of accidentally leaking confidential information. There are also reputational risks. For example, you collect complaints from users of your products and send them through the GPT chat. And he learns from this data, and can then scold your products based on these reviews.

AI, ML, GPT: what kind of technologies and why they are needed, how generative models are used in the Kolesa Group and Parqour — you can find out about this and much more in the full version of the episode on YouTube.

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