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Wonders of medical inventions and lie detectors — it's useful to play

At first I thought it was easy to write about my favorite right away, but then I realized that I had to introduce myself in one agilean sentence, trying not to brag too much. I am a scientist, director of LLP, a former rehabilitologist, candidate of medical sciences, I have been teaching since 1999, more than 50 subjects, I have written many scientific and all kinds of publications and 5 books, a few websites and applications, I now work almost only as a patent examiner for colleagues from Life Sciences, well, and a member of the Military, I love everything, running, grass and bio-geophilia.

I have been very pleased for 20 years that all people immediately after infancy differ favorably from our smaller friends (except monkeys) and from the rastyukhs (except Groot) by the ability to speak, draw and read, or, as my colleagues in physiology say, by the so-called "second signaling system", the transmission of symbols and their invented thoughts in space and in time. But in order to be as healthy as possible, and even if just a vegetable with the help of only the native vegetative system, you need a lot more signaling means – these are all the other six (more precisely, seven) sense organs. Everyone knows five, but there are more of them in sensory physiology. Then we'll get back to them. And I will certainly tell you about vegetatics the most fun and effective.

For me, in sensology, it is still extremely surprising that a huge amount of information that comes from the outside to all our organic sensors and bodily receptors, we do not notice at all. People complain about an excess of knowledge, but in reality we are not aware of 95-99.99% of the bits entering our brain. And from the inside, about a million times more information is received from our organs and tissues to the central nervous system (the central nervous system, suddenly someone forgot the abbreviation). Although, for about 5-6 thousand years now, you can generally learn to take almost nothing into your head by learning to meditate, concentrate and exercise. All this yoga, Kabbalah and Qigong have been giving this chance to everyone around the world for a long time, for 100 years now. And about 25 years ago, thanks to the development of IT, not medicine, not psychology, not religion, not philosophy, this art of self-management became possible so widely that there is almost nowhere wider. I'm talking about therapeutic games on the computer. Otherwise, they are called biofeedback game trainings (Biofeedback). It looks cool – a person is enthusiastically hacking into a simulator, shooter or other thing on a PC and is being treated and developed extremely strongly by this. For the average layman, it sounds strange – where is gaming and where is health, right? But this is a fact - using visual, auditory, tactile and other signals for feedback through the entire interface of the game, using special microprocessor and computer technology, the patient or just a person sees and/ or hears how his state of certain native physiological processes is displayed in the gameplay and how through his own skill or skill of internal self-regulation and psychotechnics are being changed by an effort of will and desire. We have all seen more than once how the pulse changes in dynamics during some kind of training, haven't we? Have you tried to push up and check out how the frequency of contractions increases with increased load? It is interesting. Although such a heart rate sensor and its display are the simplest.

At the same time, there are at least 6 types of very free sensors inside us that simulate 7 sensory organs, let's list them for at least a minimum understanding: vision, hearing, skin feeling (receptors of touch, temperature, pain), sense of smell, taste, proprioception (muscle feeling, receptors of ligaments, tendons, etc.), visceroception (sensations from dozens of types of receptors of internal organs and tissues – sensors of temperature, pressure, oxygen, pH, amino acids, glucose, etc.).

The essence of the BOS method consists in "returning" to the trainee on the screen of a computer monitor or in audio form the current values of his physiological parameters, determined by a special hardware protocol and software, in order to develop knowledge, skills and abilities of the existing level of self-regulation without self-deception by increasing the lability of the regulatory mechanisms of his homeostasis. In the sense of the point of application, all BOS-gaming trainings are conditionally divided into two large groups: "neurofeedback", when the student gets the skill to control various parameters of the EEG (electroencephalography, I'll decipher, just in case) of the brain and "biofeedback", when he learns to control the indicators of the autonomic (sympathetic and parasympathetic) nervous system (skin conduction, cardiogram, heart rate, respiration, electromyogram, temperature, photoplethysmogram, etc.).

Currently, the most terminologically accepted is the concept of "biofeedback" and BOS therapy (with specification - BOS–EEG therapy, BOS-KGR therapy, BOS-beta/theta therapy, etc.) for clinical use and the term "BOS-training" for non-clinical use. In any case, BOS games always teach self-regulation skills in the same way, and feedback detectors simply make it easier to realize the experience of psychophysiological self-control that you have gained over the course of your life.

The fields of application of BOS technologies can be conditionally divided into two large parts: clinical - treatment, rehabilitation or prevention of various diseases and non–clinical – the use of BOS training to improve performance in big sports, art, education, development of creative abilities, etc. Now BOS games are not only a medical or psychological technique, but already a fundamentally and conceptually new technology for regulating human functions and conditions, a kind of "IT therapy".

Procedures (more precisely, classes, sessions) Using sensors, PCs and software, BOS games allow you to superhumanly develop skills in self-correction of heart rate, electrical resistance and skin temperature, degree of muscle tension, electrical resistance of the skin, various respiratory indicators, etc. The most important quality of BOS training is the constant and visual detection of "lies" - that is, the objectivity and maximum accuracy of data collection and accumulation of big dates of successful influence on one's physiological parameters in an interactive mode. There are a lot of dissertations about it.

More specifically, in games with BOS, the gameplay, without affecting in any way, mirrors the dynamics of the student's heart, brain, or any system in real time. At this time, a person sets himself the task of calming down, relaxing his muscles or thinking positively. And if it succeeds, then the program immediately shows him how a picture or sound on the screen is an IT "thought", objectively confirming the effectiveness of his actions, fixing on the principle of conditioned reflexes - fixing any type of training in the skill of full control of his body. To begin the formation of the ability of such self-regulation, you can use any psychological methods, for example, self-training, breathing exercises, prayers, yoga, qigong, etc. And it is extremely fast and accurate to check what works and what does not.

The advantages of BOS-gaming training include: objectivity (based on registration with reliable sensors), analyticity (computer programs help interpret the results and Big Data), visualization (graphical and understandable visual representation of the results on the monitor screen), the ability to observe the dynamics of parameters in real time very quickly, full compatibility with any methods of standard medicine and the long-term effect of the acquired stable skills of self-correction of mental and physiological processes. Here are the videos in the playlist, I did it myself.

I will not list all the main long-proven indications for the effective use of bioengineering, three dozen of the most well-known are tension headaches, migraines, depression, insomnia, phobias, anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, dysarthria, stuttering, hyperhidrosis, encephalopathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, chronic pain syndrome, enuresis, hypertension, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, "osteochondrosis", PMS, impotence, diabetes mellitus, thyrotoxicosis, alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco smoking, preparation of pregnant women for childbirth and many others. The most important thing, if broadly, is vague and thought on the tree Then the BOS games have shown their effectiveness in medicine, psychology, pedagogy, physical education, fitness, sports and management.

There are also contraindications to the use of BOS-igrotraining, of course, this is not a panacea yet, it's a joke. It cannot be used for psychoses (delirium of exposure and harm will increase), photosensitive epilepsy (it is impossible to gamble at all), low intelligence (it will simply be impossible to do this). These contraindications are still not absolute legally, because this technology is absolutely, absolutely absolutely, like psychotherapy and auto-training, does not affect a person, he does everything himself, through IT and "kavanaugh", attitude. And even there is legally and morally no fault of the teacher of this method – everything is in the hands ("in the brains") of the self-cultivator. Although it can help more or less. However, a teacher will never force anyone to learn either the language, tennis, or the skill of BOS.

So, very briefly, I told you about my favorite kind of technology. I am very afraid that suddenly Musk will be offended, but I must admit that his Neuralink advertising is 20 years outdated and all his colleagues claimed does not require an internal chip at all, there are enough external ones and can be implemented tomorrow evening almost all over the world, there are enough similar devices for every residential block.

Three pictures of yesterday's statistics on the topic more:

About inventions in this we have -

It is about the software for BOS that we have -

And how about their BOS patents. Of course, I bring it here. to catch up and overtake - that is, to understand how market leaders do, think THREE ways, make the technology much better and then "beat the competition". Nothing personal, just evolution, hardcore and the progress of everything.

I will not dwell on where and for how much you can try a BOS game or become the owner of it or the developer or inventor of improved game bio-control, I will give you only three links: about how to use it and how to buy it and what to do if you do not want it in Russian that's all.

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