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Docrobot held a business meeting dedicated to electronic data interchange (EDI) technology in retail

On May 14, a business meeting "EDI: new horizons of business processes" was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), organized by Docrobot, an international developer of SaaS services for retail and an operator of electronic document management (EDO). 

About 70 representatives of the largest retail chains and suppliers of Uzbekistan gathered at one site, which form market trends. 

Leading experts in the field of electronic document management, trade automation and logistics shared their experience in working with EDI (electronic data exchange) and successful cases of technology implementation. Among the speakers are Timur Marusyak, Executive Director of Docrobot, Ruslan Kharisov, Deputy Director for Logistics of the Small retail network, Vyacheslav Kryuchkov, Director of Logistics of the Bi1 retail network, Oleg Molchanov, specialist in key customer service at WDC (Wings Distribution Company), Dmitry Vypritsky, IT Director of the Magnit retail network in Central Asia. 

The meeting participants discussed how to use EDI technology to optimize business processes in retail. Among the main topics covered are the acceleration of order processing and simplification of communication using EDI, the prerequisites and scaling of digitalization, the role of data in forecasting and planning, ensuring the reliability and security of systems. 

At the meeting, Docrobot Executive Director Timur Marusyak presented the EDI exchange capabilities implemented on the Docrobot platform and described how electronic data exchange automates the interaction of the supplier and the retail network throughout the chain from order formation to product acceptance. 

According to the expert, EDI technology completely replaces the paper exchange of documents, while the transfer of information about the dispatch of an order takes no more than a few seconds, and the risk of errors and data loss is significantly reduced. In EDI, deliveries are made in a couple of clicks, each stage can be tracked in real time. 

EDI helps to simplify the dialogue between retail chains and suppliers by regulating the relations between them: the exchange of documents and data takes place according to approved scenarios formed in accordance with a single standard adopted in retail. A status system is provided for orders. 

Docrobot offers two options for connecting to EDI: a web service or integration with an accounting system that allows you to close all automation needs.

During the meeting, the participants outlined vectors for the development of the EDI project in their company and learned about relevant IT tools that can form a single effective ecosystem for work and simplify business processes. 

Timur Marusiak, Executive Director of Docrobot:

"EDI is an advanced technology that opens up new horizons for business efficiency and automation of processes, rethinking the way of interaction between retail chains and suppliers. EDI solutions presented on the Docrobot platform allow you to optimize any retail operations, including the transfer of price lists and billing. The platform provides more than 60 structured EDI messages for various tasks. Thanks to this, our partners can quickly process the enormous amount of data required for processing deliveries every day, send documents without errors and deliver goods without delay."  

Jerome Normand, CEO of Schiever, Uzbekistan:

"Our company joined the electronic data exchange system in December 2023. Before that, we had to spend a lot of time and resources to interact with our partners through disparate communication channels.

The transition to EDI from Docrobot has helped us significantly speed up the dispatch of orders. Thanks to technology, we have become more efficient, and the whole process of working with a supplier is much more transparent, convenient and dynamic." 

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