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DSAcademy: The Way To The Top Of The IT World

DSAcademy, founded in 2018, has made a significant contribution to the world of IT education, becoming a center of attraction for more than 1,500 students. DS/ML, Python, web development, cloud technologies are only a small part of the wide range of training provided by our school. The second participation in the Tech Orda program confirms our dedication to quality training in the field of web development.

Our academy specializes in teaching two key areas: backend-end developer and full-stack developer. These programs reflect the needs of the modern market and cover frontend frameworks, backend programming languages, databases and cloud computing. Python and JavaScript have become the main tools of our learning.

During the training, we focus on an in-depth understanding of the basic principles of programming, algorithms, as well as modern technologies, including containerization and cloud computing, data engineering and DevOps. We train specialists who are ready for any challenges of the IT industry.

The training is implemented through our own Learn.dsacademy platform, which provides access to lectures, assignments and programming simulators. Students interact with mentors - current developers and graduates of our academy, which gives the training a practical focus.

We create a learning environment where students not only learn, but also communicate with guest experts, technical directors and developers. Important attention is paid not only to training, but also to preparing for interviews, which makes our graduates competitive in the labor market.

Over 1,500 trained students, 250 successfully employed, and a developed job search and training platform are just a small part of our achievements. Partnership with Kaspi lab, Yesenov data lab and Astana Hub resident status highlight DSacademy's influence on the global IT scene.

And in conclusion, DSAcademy not only trains, but also shapes the future of IT professionals. We solve the problem of the shortage of IT specialists by creating a path to success for every student. Our contribution to the development of the IT sector is becoming a key factor in the digital age.


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