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Security Secrets in the Age of Digital Revolt

On November 29, on the eve of Information Security Day, a meeting was held in Astana Hub with the participation of representatives of the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies of the State Duma of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where Guldana Zhumatai, a student and grant holder of Expansion Hub, spoke.

At the event dedicated to the development of competencies in the field of information technology, Guldana Zhumatai spoke on the topic "Security Secrets in the era of Digital Uprising" and demonstrated the knowledge gained during the course "Cybersecurity: Hacker Attacks".

The report covered the following aspects:

  • definition of cybersecurity, including the analysis of the concept and the identification of relevant risks in the modern digital context;
  • the study of various types of attacks with the provision of specific cases illustrating a variety of threats;
  •  interaction with the audience through the organization of a survey to assess the level of understanding of security issues, which led to positive results;
  • an overview of methods of protection against cyber threats.

The event also discussed the topic of Cyber hygiene - compliance with a number of rules and procedures to ensure security in the digital environment, which include the following provisions:

Strong passwords:

  • Use long and complex passwords
  • Do not use personal data in passwords
  • Update passwords regularly

Two-factor authentication (2FA):

  • Enable 2FA whenever possible
  • Use several methods to verify your identity

Software Update:

  • Update your operating systems and programs regularly
  • Apply patches and updates to close vulnerabilities

Antivirus software:

  • Install and update antivirus software regularly
  • Periodically scan the system

Caution on the web:

  • Be careful when opening attachments and clicking on links in emails
  • Do not share personal information with unreliable sources

Social Media Security:

  • Restrict access to your social media profiles
  • Be careful when posting personal information

Data backup:

  • Make regular backups of important data
  • Keep your backups in a safe place

Wi-Fi Security:

  • Use strong passwords for Wi-Fi networks
  • Enable encryption to protect the transmitted data

Mobile Device Security:

  • Install only verified applications
  • Enable lock codes and biometric authentication

Training and awareness:

  • Teach yourself and your employees the basics of cybersecurity
  • Follow the latest trends and threats

Checking devices:

  • Check your devices regularly for malicious software
  • Turn off the devices when they are not in use

Awareness of phishing:

  • Distinguish between fake emails and websites
  • Do not provide personal information on request in emails.

Gudana also put together a small list of useful resources to check security links.:

The event ended successfully, providing participants with valuable knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. Astana Hub expresses its gratitude to Guldana Zhumatai for her high-quality performance and contribution to the joint educational space.

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Керемет жоба!!! Әр адамға пайдалануға пайдалы кеңестер!!! Гульдана жарайсын!!!


Rahmet! Ote paidaly aqparat! Guldana the best