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Gilbert (crossed out) Chat GPT threw us problems

It seems that everything is perfect and came together in time at one point in time. There was an excellent report on stylometry at the SMTB, with the help of which it is still possible to distinguish the text written by Gogol and in the style of Gogol (aka neuro-Gogol), for example, based on Chat GPT.

The selection for training for grants [1 , 2] in Kazakhstan shows that candidates everywhere use Chat GPT to take tests (and only 9 months ago we were only building hypotheses about what would come of it). Now, we can safely say that selection only by hard skills in the framework of correspondence testing is impossible.

At the same time, colleagues from the SMTB shared how they do inclusive education, where hard skills can play an important, but not a primary role. We will learn and adopt the best practices.

P.S. the first candidates for grants have already been identified

P.P.S. channel of the author of the report about stylometry: System block

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