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Google publishes the source code of Tilt Brush

On January 26, 2021, Google made an announcement on its blog, presenting to the world the open source code of a 3D drawing program in virtual reality called Tilt Brush. This graphical application, developed by the design firm Skillman & Hackett and acquired by Google in 2015, significantly expands the horizons of using virtual realities with VR helmets.

The Tilt Brush source codes are now available to the public on the GitHub platform, however, it is worth noting that the project is archived and pool requests are not accepted. Some components of the project have been replaced with open counterparts due to license issues. SteamVR Unity SDK is required to use it.

The Tilt Brush virtual editor, released in 2014, immediately gained popularity among virtual reality users. Supporting a wide range of VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index, PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest VR, this app opens the door to creativity in new dimensions.

Here, for example, is one of the user reviews of this tool:

This editor is a benchmark for high—quality virtual GUI and ease of use in a VR environment. Everything is good there, from the way the three-dimensional interface is organized to aesthetics and little things that are pleasing when you accidentally stumble upon them. A decent move by Google.

One of the features of Tilt Brush is the ability to draw in three dimensions with a change in the angle of inclination and rotation of the image. In addition to the usual "paints", users can use unusual materials such as light, stars and smoke, which makes creative works unique. All this happens interactively, allowing you to create not just a static image, but a real moving picture.

The ability to rotate the image in any direction gives viewers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the creative process and examine every detail from all sides.

The source code of Tilt Brush on GitHub is available at the link.

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