Sheberkhana in Astana Hub: development of the hardware community

Astana Hub invites you to use the Sheberkhana prototyping space for hardware project developers.

In Sheberkhana (Kazakh - workshop) it is possible to print product prototypes on a 3D printer, use CNC machines and other tools. Prototype raw materials are provided by the GIS Analytics R&D center, so you don't have to worry about finding plastic for your prototypes.

Also, those interested can attend open workshops on robotics to gain skills in this area. From December of this year, Sheberkhana will host free robotics workshops for children from One Robotics. One Robotics is a fun program that inspires kids to explore robotics and technology.

Thus, we want to develop a hardware community in the Astana Hub ecosystem and invite everyone interested to cooperate.

Join the Hardware Community Astana Hub telegram community by following the link.

More details about the workroom can be found on the page.


List of equipment installed in the center:

- 3D printer ULTIMAKER S5 Fused deposition modeling (FDM/FFF)
A feature-packed, versatile 3D printer with a simple, intuitive interface and superior print quality that delivers industrial grade results in the office.

- CNC milling and engraving machine
performs digitization of three-dimensional objects with a 3D scanner, and then, using a rotary axis, four-sided and circular processing of the object.

- Laser engraver
engraving machine with numerical control used in the advertising industry, souvenirs, in the creation of interiors and decor elements, as well as in woodworking.

- Robot Makeblock DIY Starter Robot Kit
If you want to get into the world of robotics, learn the basics of electronics and Arduino programming, but don't know where to start, the Starter Robot Kit is the best choice.

- Arduino platform
An electronic designer and a convenient platform for the rapid development of electronic devices for beginners and professionals. Arduino-based devices can receive information about the environment through various sensors, and can also control various actuators.

- Raspberry Pi and IOT platform learning kit
The starter kit allows you to work on the most popular sensors for educational purposes, and also allows you to play and prototype equipment with your Raspberry Pi, without soldering.

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