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💝 Nominal grants for training, Emeli Dral

I certainly expected this from someone, but from Emeli 😊

Despite all the difficulties of a startup's life in an expensive metropolis (London), Emeli also caught fire with the idea of supporting worthy candidates. I'll leave the following quote on her conscience (these "women's power" of yours): no girl should be left without grants!

Facts from the biography:

1️⃣+ 2️⃣ Co-author of the Data Science course on Coursera and the Big Data for Data Engineers course (online alma mater of 50% of Russian-speaking DS/DE specialists), more than 100,000 people have completed each course

3️⃣ Co-Founder & CTO, Evidenly AI

4️⃣ From me personally - a person who changes the world for the better

Emeli provided a personal grant to Dana R. for training in a Python course for analyzing [big] data.

You can subscribe to Emeli's profile on LinkedIn.

Bonus track

Emeli is recording an open-source course on ML monitoring. News on LinkedIn and Youtube. Support the author, she will be pleased.

P.S. information on available and distributed nominal grants: here

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Это прекрасно, что Эмели поддерживает и обучает других. Такие инициативы делают область Data Science более доступной и разнообразной. А именные гранты - отличный способ вдохновить и помочь тем, кто стремится развиваться в этой области.