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Intel has opened the OSPRay Studio code

Intel has opened the application code for interactive visualization and ray tracing of OSPRay Studio. Development began back in 2020, and only now has the company published the code.

The C++-based OSPRay Studio code is freely available on the GitHub platform. The company has also provided binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, which ensures the usability of the application for a wide range of users. You can also find detailed instructions on how to build and launch the application in the repository, which makes the process of getting started with OSPRay Studio even easier and more convenient.

OSPRay Studio is a powerful tool for creating amazing visualizations of 3D models, including such detailed renderings as, for example, the Bentley Flying Spur car.

Version 1.0 of OSPRay Studio is based on the OSPRay 3.1 engine and includes many new rendering features and an expanded set of materials. It is especially worth noting the full support of the OpenEXR API versions 2.x and 3.x, which provides the possibility of MPI-based distributed rendering. This step will make the rendering process even more scalable and efficient.

The release of OSPRay Studio also fixed known bugs and improved the stability of the application. Intel developers have updated the OSPRay engine to version 3.1, adding support for luminous materials with light-emitting textures and correcting the two-dimensional light intensity distribution function.

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