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The IT industry and its prospects in Nauryz

The post is a little late, as the author enjoyed the wonderful and ancient holiday of Nauryz with pleasure. 

This post is a discussion of how Nauryz can become a Digital event in addition to a real event! Why is Digital Nauryz possible?

  1. Global accessibility: The digital format allows people from different parts of the world to join the celebration of Nauryz without physical presence. This creates an opportunity for Kazakhstanis abroad to connect to their roots and traditions without leaving their home or place of residence.
  2. Inclusion of persons (people) with disabilities: The digital format makes the celebration of Nauryz accessible to those who find it difficult or impossible to attend events in real life due to physical characteristics. It provides an opportunity for these people to be involved in a cultural and social event that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.
  3. Attracting introverts: For people prone to introversion, the digital format of Nauryz celebrations can become a convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional mass events. They can enjoy cultural programs, music and traditions in the privacy of their home or in a cozy environment, which facilitates their participation in the celebration without additional stress or discomfort.
  4. Interactive and educational content: The digital celebration of Nauryz can offer interesting and diverse forms of content, including virtual tours of cultural attractions, workshops on national traditions, interactive games, etc. This will not only make the holiday more exciting, but also contributes to the preservation and transfer of cultural heritage to younger generations.
  5. Social connection and solidarity: The digital celebration of Nauryz can become a platform for exchanging greetings, wishes and stories among people who are far from each other. This helps to strengthen ties between people and supports a sense of community and solidarity in Kazakh society.

At the moment, MR helmets are becoming more accessible to ordinary consumers (for example, Meta Quest 3, Pico 4). In this regard, I think that startups can already think in this direction, and some government agencies.  Also imagine a situation where many Turkic peoples will come to virtual events to congratulate each other, to sit and argue about history :) and not only that! It all looks very wonderful!

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