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Report on the interim results of the Upstars program in Semey.

1️⃣ During December and January 2023, he conducted a practical course on the profession of data analyst. The training program took 100 hours exactly: Soft Skills, Power BI, work on Upwork, etc. We recruited 10 participants (4 of them girls), 8 of them reached the end.

2. One participant received and completed an order for a company from Astana, as a freelancer, and earned his first money as a data analyst.

3. Two other participants took on an industrial project from Semey. Considering that the participants have mastered the profession of data analyst from scratch in two months, this is an excellent result!

4. Although our participants in the local market are already in demand and competitive (the hypothesis works), our focus is on export revenue. Negotiations are currently underway with a potential foreign client. We will soon conclude the first export contract for this stream.

5. The program has four objectives: to increase the competitiveness of the nation, create new jobs, increase export revenue and create a methodology for scaling the program. Just on the last point, SDU University came to us. Their administration wants to launch a parallel program stream, attracting its own resources. In the future, we will transfer the documentation and knowledge base of the project as open source.

6. An important achievement for me personally is the change of the mindset of the program participants. Now there is an understanding that it is absolutely possible to become a cool international freelancer, being in any, even a remote region of our country. You just have to make the right effort. We also became very close friends.

Of course, there are certain difficulties – fewer people are recruited for the program than planned, English is not widely spoken among the population in the regions, and so on. But all problems are solvable!

Two TV stories were released:

1️⃣ National Channel:

2️⃣ Local channel:

Social Media Reports:


Part 2:

The screenshots show profiles of young guys who went through a similar program before Semey. The images show how much they earn per hour and how much they have earned all the time. All of them have the status of Top Rated, i.e. these young and talented Kazakhstanis, yesterday's students, are among the Top 10% of the strongest freelancers in the world on the platform Very soon, the ranks of these Stars will be replenished by the family!

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the ideological inspirers of this initiative – Bagdad Musin, Kairat Akhmetov and Asset Akhmetov. They personally actively support the project to this day.

I am already in Aktobe to launch the second stream of the program and help Kazakhstanis find foreign orders for IT services. This program is supported by sponsors - Freedom Telecom and Sergek Group of companies. The partners of this program are Nomad Star School and Madina Sharipova.

The first stream in Semey became possible thanks to the active and caring participation of the leadership of Alikhan Bokeikhan University - Shyryn Kurmanbayeva and Zhanna Kurmanbayeva, Abay IT Valley and personally Bauyrzhan Nauryzbayev.

And also thanks to the staff of ICRIAP - Yersultan Ermanov and Astana Hub - Magzhan Madiev, Tanat Uskembaev, Dania Akhmetova and Aida Dusova for comprehensive information and organizational support! 🤝

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