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From Biology to Data Science: Anxiety vs Curiosity

I will share my impressions here from time to time as I develop. I think this place is the most suitable, because maybe there are guys like me here)🚀A little bit about my path to IT and Data Science in real time: from fear of mathematics to personal insight 🌐

For a long time I was embarrassed to enter the world of IT and Data Science, believing that the required level of mathematics is not for me. Gradient descents, linearization, combinatorics, probability theory, least squares method sounded like a foreign language that I was afraid to master.

But once I got to the courses, I realized that even if the level of mathematics is high, it can be mastered. It is important not to be afraid, but to accept the challenge. Gradient descent is not only formulas, but also an opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of optimization. Probability theory is the key to forecasting and data analysis.

My first steps into these topics were filled with anxiety, but thanks to an excellent explanation and considerable practice, anxiety was replaced by curiosity. This is an exciting journey into a world where even the most complex mathematics can bring joy and pleasure. 💡✨ #FearToFascination #MathematicsInDataScience #CuriosityWins

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классный пост! продолжайте в том же духе, очень интересно)


Спасибо! Планирую делиться своими впечатлениями о процессе учебы тут)