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From a student of the Faculty of Sociology to a backend developer of an Estonian startup: Tlep, an alem student, studied under the Tech Orda program

Tell us about yourself and why you decided to study programming.

  • Hi! My name is Tlep, I am 23 years old, I come from the city of Uralsk. I took my first steps in programming as a child, being fond of video games. While playing various games, I found that it is possible to manipulate data inside the game by changing files or using third-party programs. At that time, it seemed to me something incredible, and those who created guides or applications seemed to be geniuses.

How did you find out about the alem school and what made you choose this particular school to study?

  • I studied at the university at the Faculty of Sociology, but I realized that this specialty did not interest me. Having accidentally stumbled across an advertisement for programming courses on the Internet, I decided to try my hand. I started with self-study on YouTube videos and articles on the Internet, and then signed up for a course where I got acquainted with C++. I really liked it, and I wanted to continue in this direction. Unfortunately, I could not continue my studies at that school, but I did not give up programming. I practiced on LeetCode tasks, but I realized that something was missing. I learned about the alem school back in 2020, but the opportunity to enroll appeared only in 2022. Kana Beisekeyev's film about alem became a decisive factor for me.

Tell us about your experience of studying at alem.

  • The most exciting stage of studying at alem for me was the "pool". It wasn't easy, but it was very interesting. I like the concept of learning, where you are given tasks, and you solve them independently or with other students. However, the main wealth of alem is people. At school, I met completely different people from all over the world, everyone has a different background, but the common goal is to successfully qualify, enroll in alem and master programming. The opportunity to dilute the learning process by communicating with interesting people, playing tennis and various activities within the school does not let you get bored. The main advantage of alem for me is that there is always someone ready to help – someone who has gone the same way and understands how to overcome difficulties.

How did studying at alem school affect your personal and professional development?

  • Thanks to networking at alem, I got my first job as a backend developer at an Estonian startup. Working in this field requires constant training, familiarization with new technologies and concepts. Even today I regularly visit alem, sometimes even work from there. My goal is continuous improvement in my activities. I strive to use all the opportunities and have not yet encountered difficulties that I could not overcome.

What advice would you give to those who are considering studying at alem school and want to start a career in IT?

  • My advice to those who are considering alem for training in IT: you need to believe in yourself and strive for the maximum. Programming is an exciting activity, and if you enjoy it, motivation will always be at a high level. Starting something new is always difficult, but try not to focus on the difficulties, but on the pleasure of the process. Do not compare yourself with others, but yourself with yourself in the past, and devote maximum time to learning. Good luck to everyone who decides to discover the world of programming!

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