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"The path to success in the IT world: The Story of Aydin Meiramkhanuly and Inspiration from Temirlan Seydakhmetov"

Meet Aydin Meiramkhanuly, an 18-year-old graduate of B. Momyshuly High School, whose path to success is connected with studying at the Smavy Center. After graduating from school in 2020, he entered the Zhambyl Innovative Higher College of Information Technology, where he showed excellent results in three years of study.

Aydin is proud of his experience in the JavaScript programming language and an impressive list of achievements, such as 1st place in the Zhambyl hackathon competition and 3rd place in the Worldskills regional competition. Regular victories in interscholastic IT hackathon competitions highlighted his talent and dedication to the field of information technology.

But the real turn in his career came thanks to the Smavy Center, where Aydin won a grant to study the React JS course. The acquired knowledge and mentors' support opened the doors to the world of professional development for him. As a result, he successfully got a remote job as a Junior React developer at Beksar.

Today Smavy School is not only a place of learning for Aydin, but also a platform for knowledge exchange. His experience and skills have become a source of inspiration for other students, and thanks to Smavy, he has the opportunity to share his experience with the community. Aydin is a vivid example of how education, mentoring and hard work can lead to a successful career in the world of technology.

Not only beginners, but also more experienced professionals find inspiration and support in the Smavy educational platform. Temirlan Seydakhmetov, a manager at Apple, whose successful career has become an example for many, recently came to visit us.

Temirlan shared his professional path, telling about the difficulties and overcome works in the field of information technology. During his last visit to his native Kazakhstan, he also visited the Smavy school, where he held a motivational lecture for students.

Seidakhmetov stressed the importance of mentoring and knowledge exchange, especially for young professionals such as Aydin Meiramkhanuly. He supported the idea of using an educational platform like Smavy as a springboard to achieve high career goals.

These meetings with experienced professionals not only raise students' motivation, but also create unique learning opportunities, inspiring a new generation of IT specialists to achieve great heights in their fields.

Smavy team ( in the photo, Aydin is the first on the right, Temirlan is the third on the left)

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Круто!!! Обмен опытом с профессионалами своего дела, действительно способствует мотивированию молодого поколения.