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Changes in Apple Watch: pulse oximeter has been removed, apnea and hypertension detectors are being prepared for removal

Apple has decided to exclude the pulse oximeter from its flagship Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches due to a patent dispute with Masimo, which is likely to continue for about another year. Court decisions have already led to a ban on the sale of these watches, and the US International Trade Commission has prevented their import.

To maintain user support, Apple will leave the pulse oximeter app icon on the screen, but when you try to use it, a message will appear stating that the function is unavailable. A real story about how a doctor, using an Apple Watch with a pulse oximeter function, saved the life of an old woman on an airplane can have a positive impact on public opinion.

Moreover, there is a possibility that the next models, the Series 10 and Ultra 3, will also lose additional functions such as the blood oxygen saturation sensor, as well as apnea and hypertension detectors. These features are considered important for detecting health problems, and users have been expecting them in future versions of the watch.

The patent dispute between Apple and Masimo over biological parameter sensors has been going on for four years. Masimo has spent significant funds on the proceedings, and its CEO has expressed willingness to spend another $100 million. However, such intentions are causing discontent among the board of directors and investors, especially given Masimo's intention to enter the consumer market outside its traditional medical B2B market.

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Жалко, что длительный патентный спор может привести к утрате важных возможностей, которые могли бы спасти жизни и улучшить заботу о здоровье пользователей.