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How can you change your profession, dramatically increase your salary and qualifications, and even become an expert in your field without leaving the decree! 😲

Indira Kuzhubaeva is a former power engineer who worked as an engineer by profession, but there were few prospects for growth. She realized that something needed to change, and decided to try her hand at management, getting a job as an R&D manager at a startup that was engaged in medical research, where she first encountered data analytics, and she really liked it. Indira Kuzhubaeva learned how to make pivot tables, optimize reports, and help people see blind spots, and then realized that data analysis is what she wants to do all her life. 💯

But in order to become a professional data analyst, she needed to get additional education and certification. I started looking for courses on data analysis, and came across Tech Orda, and then went through all the stages and got into DataBoom 🙌

At this stage, Indira Kuzhubaeva passed the Exam DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals and Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst for certification, and even became a mentor at the Power BI course in DataBoom. She learned how to work with tools such as Power BI, SQL, Excel and put them into practice. And now I have submitted documents to the Kolesa Group, passed the test tasks and is waiting for the result. 🚀

And all this colossal work was done without leaving the decree! Combining study, work and child care, thanks to flexible schedules, online format and individual approach! And this sometimes proves that nothing can interfere with your dream if you believe in yourself and are not afraid of new challenges. 💪

If you also want to become a data analyst and change your life for the better, then don't waste time, go ahead