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How I, an 18-year-old student, won a grant under the Techorda program for learning Python-development and took up programming at the iOstream Coding School 🚀

Hello friends! My name is Abudrahman, and today I will tell you my amazing story about how I, an ordinary 18-year-old guy, won a grant from the TechOrda program to study Python-development and began my journey into the world of programming at the iostream school.

In September 2023, I learned about the possibility of obtaining a grant to study Python-development, and my life began to change. It was a unique opportunity to raise my professional skills in the field of programming, and I was ready to use it to the fullest.

The first steps in programming were exciting. I mastered the basics of syntax, studied data structures, functions, and began to understand the principles of object-oriented programming. Each lesson brought new knowledge, and I couldn't wait to put it into practice.

To make the most of the grant, I started working on my own projects. These were small applications, problem solving, and even small web projects. Practice allowed me to delve into the language and improve my skills.

Now, thanks to this grant, I see my professional growth accelerating rapidly. I am sure that this knowledge and skills acquired at iostream school will help me build a successful career in the world of programming.

My story is just just one example of how learning opportunities can change our lives. If you have a dream of owning programming or another field, do not hesitate to go ahead and use all the opportunities for your development. For me, the grant has become the key to the door to the fascinating world of programming, and I am sure that each of you has your own key to success!

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Отличная история, успехов в работе!