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How innovations in UX/UI design are changing the approach to flooring and ceiling systems

In today's world, digital technology and UX/UI design play a key role in creating functional and attractive products. However, it is interesting to note how these principles find their application in the most unexpected industries, including the manufacture of floor coverings and ceiling systems.

VEG Trade, being a leading supplier of high-quality building materials, actively implements innovative UX/UI design approaches to improve the customer experience. For example, when developing an online platform for selecting and ordering floor coverings, the company applies the most advanced interface design methods to make the process as convenient and intuitive as possible.

Interesting fact: Research shows that the visualization of products and the possibility of interactive selection of materials increase customer satisfaction by 30%. VEG Trade has adopted this by creating 3D models of floor coverings and ceiling systems that can be "tried on" to their own interior using AR technologies.

These innovative solutions allow users not just to select materials, but to see how they will look in real time and space. This greatly simplifies the decision-making process and reduces the likelihood of errors when ordering.

Another important component is customer feedback. By implementing UX/UI design, VEG Trade actively collects and analyzes feedback in order to constantly improve its product and service. This allows the company to quickly respond to market demands and offer customers exactly what they need.

Thus, the use of UX/UI design in such a traditional field as the production of floor coverings and ceiling systems demonstrates how digital technologies can significantly improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction from using the product. VEG Trade continues to innovate, making the process of choosing and purchasing materials as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for its customers.

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