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How we brought newcomers from scratch to the development of social applications

These last 4 months of our Flutter course have been filled with knowledge, creativity and friendship. Now, as we enter the final stage, our students face an exciting challenge – to develop social applications that can change the world around us.

We recruited students with no programming experience, and now they have become independent combat units. 

Today, four teams of students are already busy turning their ideas into reality. We see how creative concepts are born and transformed into functional applications. This process is filled with effort, inspiration and teamwork. 

At the end of the journey, we will not only have an exciting introduction to new social platforms, but also the opportunity to support the best project! Success will be marked with a prize of 300,000 tenge – a powerful incentive for creativity and achieving outstanding results. 

Let's support our students in this exciting finale, and then celebrate their creative success together at our award ceremony!