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The first 12 lessons are done

Classes continue at the evening course "Unity Start" – game development for beginners, organized jointly with Astana Hub.

The program of this course is intended for beginners who, as a result, will master programming in C#, learn how to create applications and games on Unity, develop game design and work with sound, create animations, as well as work with 3D.

What are the prospects for our students? The guys will have the opportunity to develop as a full-fledged Unity developer and develop applications and games of varying complexity. And today it is one of the most popular destinations in which IT specialists are in demand all over the world. 🌎

Our students started learning the program from scratch just a couple of months ago and are already taking their first confident steps.

During the offline lessons we have conducted:

🔹figured out the basics of working on Unity 🔹created their first objects and scripts 🔹wrote code to control characters

🔹customized the results obtained

🔹learned how to work with textures and make animations

And after a few lessons, the group will begin to create its first full-fledged 3D game. Purpose: to consolidate the acquired skills at the individual level.

Students note the main advantages of learning:

•Live, offline lesson format and a light atmosphere in the lessons

•The opportunity to grow in a circle of motivated and interested students

•Accessible presentation of information by a tutor, especially important for those who have not been previously associated with programming or have superficial knowledge

At the end of each lesson, students have homework, a handout with the necessary information on the topic they have studied, and a video for fixing and re-studying.

Our task is to organize the learning process in such a way that everything is clear and interesting to the students and at the same time they show good results in profitability on the course. Our team copes with the task perfectly, as evidenced by the positive feedback from the students, their sincere interest in the lessons and support for each other.