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How can a novice startup get the maximum benefit from attending international forums

 Every year Astana hub holds the international technology forum Digital Bridge, which has already won the hearts of participants from all over the world. We strive for continuous development and improvement of events for the IT Community and it has always been very interesting for me to get to one of  The world's largest annual IT forums Web Summit, which takes place in Portugal, in Lisbon. This year it was held from November 13 to 16 and gathered more than 70,000 people from 183 countries on its site.  Web Summit is a leading event in the field of technology and innovation, which gathers the best experts, startups and investors from around the world. 

For me, as an organizer of IT events, it was a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies, establish contacts with potential partners and, of course, get inspiration for our future events.

The program of the forum was very rich, I wanted to listen and see everything😊Web Summit is a center of attraction for leaders of various industries, such as sports, public administration, business, media and technological entrepreneurship. Where else can you meet Wladimir Klitschko, Patrice Evra, Wikipedia founder and other media personalities on the same site.  I also wanted to see concrete examples of successful startups at the exhibition area, which could become an inspiration for entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan.Having walked more than one thousand steps through the forum sites, I want to share tips with novice startups on how to get the maximum benefit from attending such large-scale events:          1. Identify specific goals that you would like to achieve at the event, and evaluate their implementation after completion;

          2. Study the program of the event and determine which sessions, lectures and master classes will most interest you;

         3. Create a pavilion visit plan to make the most of your time;

        4. Use the app to find the participants you would like to meet and suggest meetings in advance;

        5. Take part in various informal events;

       6. Be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to quickly, briefly and convincingly tell investors about your project, at any opportunity;

     7. Look for investors who are interested in your industry or field of activity, and try to establish contact. 

It is important to remember that forums provide many opportunities for learning, interaction and finding investors, but the maximum benefit can be obtained only with active and purposeful work at the event.

Well, we will be glad to see you at Digital Bridge 2024 and do not forget about my tips, they will definitely be useful to you 😉 

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