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How TechOrda programs help talents develop at GameDev.

As part of the TechOrda program, our school is Almaz.Games School has been teaching students the profession of 3D modeler in the GameDev industry for 3 years. This year, many students of our school are successfully completing their studies. We would like to tell you about the achievements of Dorzhigulova Janelle, our students and female students in the TechOrda program.

Janelle Dorzhigulova, a 23-year-old novice specialist in 3D modeling at GameDev, was trained at our school. Not only has she successfully completed the course, but she is already in demand as an expert in the field of game development, and she also uses tools expertly ZBrush for creating characters and elements of the game world. This allowed her to create an excellent thesis, which is presented below.

Janelle spoke about her impressions of the training:

Hello! And I do not know what to write ... I can only say that I have always loved drawing and animation, I was very inspired by the technique in which the Arcane and Spidervers were made, where they stylized 3D smartly. I'm also very interested in trying my hand at games, thinking about every little detail of the characters and scenes. 

As for the courses, the abundance of complex programs was very frightening, because I had never dealt with them and in general was not so good at computers, but everything was well and easily explained, the principle of operation became clear to anyone, even without experience.

Everything was interesting, I didn't even realize what a long and complicated process was behind the creation of 3D models, each stage felt like a new puzzle that was fascinating to solve.

We are proud of Janelle's success and consider her an excellent example of how the TechOrda program can contribute to professional growth and achieve goals in the field of GameDev. We are confident that Janelle's story will inspire and motivate others to strive for self-development and realize their ambitions in the world of game creation.

Our other student is 29-year-old Baitenov Almas, who got the opportunity to master the profession of a 3D modeler at GameDev.

The training program was intensive and Almas was determined. He immersed himself in the study of complex programs such as ZBrush and Maya, and soon began to create their first models. His progress was noticeable not only to the teachers, but also to his classmates.


I've always loved to draw, in general, I wanted to create. For me, the brightest personalities in the gaming industry were Patrice Desilets from Ubisoft,Hideo Kojima from Konami, Raphael Colantonio from Arkane studio.My first game was Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It was she who left the greatest impression. I was amazed by all the components of this game, namely the setting, storytelling, gameplay and music. Later, it inspired me to become someone who aspires to be realized in one of these directions.

When did he find out about the 3D courses modeling, he saw it as a chance to turn his dream into a profession.:

I already had experience working with props and environment artist in the same mobile project. When searching for courses in the program TechOrda, among the various schools, I wanted to find the most suitable teacher in the field of interest to me, and I found Almaz.Games School.  The course is very steep. The teacher explains the entire pipeline almost on his fingers, just so that the students master everything as much as possible. Stable feedback and the necessary knowledge without water left a pleasant impression of learning.

The history of Almas Baitenova is an inspiring example of how education, passion and hard work can lead to real performance in the direction of 3D modeling. He has proven that with the right training and resources, anyone can reach the heights in this dynamic and exciting industry.

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