How does a technology park help develop innovation in corporations?

How does a technology park help develop innovation in corporations?


In today's world, one of the main ways to compete is innovation. Corporate innovation is the process of introducing new innovative solutions by enterprises into existing business models.   There are two models by which innovative business can develop: the open innovation model and the model of internal (closed) innovation. Astana Hub focuses on open innovations. It has a special office, the main focus of which is the development of corporate innovation and increasing the level of digital competencies. The tools for finding and managing technological and innovative solutions include challanges, scouting, hackathons and others. So, what is the purpose of innovation?

-        For optimization and development of technologies;

-        To increase the efficiency and growth of the corporation;

-        For the creation and improvement of services and products;

Astana Hub Corporate Innovation Office is a bridge between start-ups and corporations. Given that the main goal of corporate innovation is the strategic implementation of new technologies, it is important to find startups for this purpose. This is exactly what Astana Hub actively helps corporations to do.

If a startup turns out to be a good fit, the innovation team will manage a joint product or pilot. This allows startups to test their product in a safe environment before fully integrating with the corporation's business model. The innovation team is responsible for evaluating the startups during this testing period and determining if they are ready for full-scale implementation.




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