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Kazakhstani IT startups that have conquered the world

Kazakhstani IT startups continue to conquer the world. Several of them were marked in international ratings and received recognition outside the country.

ChocoFamily is the largest IT company in Kazakhstan, which develops software for the restaurant business.

Robo Wunderkind is a startup that produces robot constructors for children.

Matrix Mill is a startup that works in the field of virtual reality. They have developed a technology that allows us to determine how machines see and perceive the three-dimensional world, as well as how digital objects can interact with real ones.

Nommi is a startup that has created a portable Wi-Fi router with a global roaming function.

ORBIPrime is a startup that develops software for managing electronic documents 1.

Clockster is a startup that has created an application for managing time and tasks.

These are just some of the successful Kazakhstani IT startups. In general, the IT industry in Kazakhstan has great potential for development and attracting new investments.

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здал часовую систему для бизнеса и дома с функциями управления рабочим временем и организации расписания. Эти успешные казахстанские IT-стартапы демонстрируют высокий уровень технической экспертизы и инновационного мышления, а также способность привлекать внимание мирового сообщества к своим продуктам и решениям.