Mobile promotion of Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan

Hello! Today we are talking about mobile promotion of Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan.


  • increase brand awareness;
  • increase awareness of the I20 model;
  • attract users to the landing page.


  • targeting by socio-demographic characteristics;
  • targeting by interests;
  • fullscreen banner;
  • setting relevant interests and app categories;
  • optimization: SSP, categories, apps;
  • Google Analytics 4.

Geo: Kazakhstan.

For accurate and effective targeting of the advertising message, we used two targeting methods: by socio-demographic parameters and by relevant interests of users.

BYYD specialists chose the following as interests:

Cars/ Buying a car/ Selling a car/ Driving/ Car parts/ Car maintenance/ Car repair/ Car insurance/ Used cars/ Sedans/ Hatchbacks/ Crossovers/ SUVs/ Interests by income level/ Personal finance/ Money, investments/ Businesses

The ad campaign was optimized using BYYD platform statistics and Google Analytics.

We selected apps that provided the best post-click performance, such as low bounce rate, long time on site, active interaction and goal attainment.

As a result, thanks to precise targeting and high user engagement, we managed to get the following behavioral metrics:

  • Time on the site: 00:01:29 (this figure can be considered excellent, as the average on the mobile channel is from 30 sec)
  • Sessions: 4 439
  • Bounce rate: 14.2%

In addition, the BYYD team managed to reach 307 082 users during the entire campaign period and obtained a CTR value higher than planned.

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