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The case of creating a data analysis competence center using Qlik in Technodom

Our team She helped to create a competence center in the Technodome.

Technodom is a leading network of household appliances stores in Kazakhstan. 

The task was to digitize all KPIs in the retail network – these are 79 stores, 92 order pick-up points and about 4,000 employees.

Business processes requiring digitalization included complex personnel accounting, accrual of bonuses to sellers, indicators of stability and staff turnover.

– Before moving to Qlik, the company used various BI systems like PowerBI, SAP with direct connection to classic DWH MS SQL and SAP BW. At some point, this stack of technologies became outdated and began to slow down the work of different departments.

– Over the past 5 years, TechnoDom has increased the Data Office team from 5 to 28 people.

– At the moment, 334 specialists from different departments regularly use the system.

– The first results from the transition to Qlik in TechnoDom were noticed 3-4 months after the introduction of the platform, it was possible to fully apply it to the entire company in a year.

– We have made applications based on Qlik that allow businesses to manage inventory in real time, monitor sales and profits during promotions, and even monitor the remnants of goods on the shelves.

– At TechnoDom, data analytics is needed by at least 20 departments, including the commercial department, marketing, e-commerce, as well as warehouse and transport logistics. And, of course, it is used in offline stores: for example, the directors of retail outlets can use this data to identify high-demand goods and order them if there is a shortage of a certain product in the warehouse. 

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