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Top 15 Minecraft Programming Courses for Kids

Playing Minecraft, teenagers can unknowingly learn programming — it's entertaining and effective. In this game environment, children can develop their IT skills without breaking away from the exciting process.

Here are the 15 best gaming training courses that will help young people master coding in the game format.

Age group: from 9 to 13 years old

Cost: from 800 rubles. for 1 lesson, 10% discount for new customers

Link to the website:

Young students immerse themselves in the world of Python through the game Minecraft, where they master programming and game creation. Using turtle and mathematics, they learn loops, variables and the construction of shapes. Artificial intelligence is also in the program. 

The course for children includes individual and group assignments for 9 months with classes of 1.5 hours per week. Students will learn how to build complex structures and bridges through code, and at the end they will receive certificates confirming their knowledge in coding.

Age group: from 9 to 13 years old

This training package of 31 video tutorials is an initial immersion into the world of programming through Minecraft. It includes guides on setting up the game to work with Python, creating various structures: from water elevators to skyscrapers. The tutorial teaches the construction of portals, rooms of fear and cloning armies of golems. The course also has chapters on creating car farms.

Personal customization of the workflow gives you the freedom to choose the time for completing tasks, meeting individual needs and life schedule.

Age group: from 8 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

Link to the website:

The unique curriculum uses Minecraft as a platform for developing students' technical skills. Students design a variety of objects, from medieval castles to space platforms, combining gameplay with educational tasks. 

The total duration of the course is 32 hours, divided into 4-5 blocks. Classes can be conducted both individually and in a team. The theory is immediately applied in practice. At the end of each block, students implement their own projects.

Age group: 6 to 8 years old

Cost: from 890 rubles.

Link to the website:

Students will plunge into the world of practice: from game development and artificial intelligence to the implementation of their own ideas. They will have to work on the design, the choice of colors and interior items, the construction of structures, electronics and the creation of digital models. They will master the skills of managing a construction site, developing characters, creating quests, automating processes and building self-sufficient agricultural complexes.

The program includes 31 hours of training, distributed in various blocks. Students are given a chance to take their first lesson without paying. The course is aimed at acquiring basic PC skills, developing problem solving, getting to know Minecraft, learning how to move in three-dimensional space and control virtual characters.

Age group: from 10 to 12 years old

Cost: on request

The school's Python programming curriculum through game creation will allow students to manipulate characters and construct digital universes. In the learning process, the basics will be considered: variables, loops, data types, arrays and methods. The students will also work in teams on projects such as Urban Creativity and Land of Giants, and develop a unique game by communicating with other course participants.

The training program, which includes 32 online seminars, has been running for eight months. The duration of each of them is two hours.

Age group: from 9 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

During the learning process, children will master programming and the development of thinking. They will learn how to make 3D models and understand the difference between raster and vector graphics. They will learn how to create pixel images, use coordinate systems and apply loops and functions in the code. Future specialists in the field of information technology will learn how to copy and move objects in virtual space, develop urban planning projects, interior interiors, complex structures and landscapes, as well as perform tasks according to specified parameters.

Age group: from 7 to 13 years old

Cost: from 4,990 rubles.

The game allows participants not only to build structures, but also to learn programming. Users can build buildings and create defense mechanisms against enemies using code. Bridges, security systems, vehicles, robots and even safe explosive devices can all be designed in the game. Players will learn about programming elements such as loops and variables, which is the basis for beginners in creating games.

We use different methods to teach: These are live online seminars, face-to-face meetings with mentors and group discussions, with the Zoom platform chosen for communication.

Age group: from 7 to 10 years old

Cost: from 849 rubles.

The Python course for students introduces students to the world of programming, develops logical thinking and code debugging skills. The program includes a unique experiment in the Minecraft universe where students can apply knowledge to create game projects. The assessment of academic performance is carried out through tests.

Age group: from 6 to 12 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

During twenty interactive lessons, the training will focus on learning programming and game development in the chosen style. Students' computer skills will improve: they will learn how to use peripherals faster and increase the typing speed. They will also learn image processing, file management, Internet navigation, coding basics, screenshot creation and presentation preparation. The course includes the basics of digital security and game design.

As part of the course, young students will master the skills of digital modeling: from designing virtual watercraft to complex mechanisms using red dust. The training includes lessons on adjusting lighting, creating traps and object distribution systems. At the end of the program, participants will present their work and receive recommendations for further study of programming.

Age group: from 7 to 14 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

Children immerse themselves in the world of programming through Snap games, creating 3D spaces and learning how to fix mistakes. Learning block programming provides an understanding of the basics of IT, including working with variables and logic. At the age of 9-14, students begin coding in Minecraft in Python, mastering loops, lists and functions. The course of 30 lessons of 50 minutes each offers an individual lesson format and introduces you to the creation of games.

Age group: from 8 to 16 years old

The student will plunge into the fascinating study of Python, which will give the opportunity to embody original ideas in Minecraft. Coding skills will expand the hero's capabilities, help build complex structures, create a basic calculator and a home owner recognition system. The course will reveal the world of program cycles, functions, algorithms, variables and logical operators.

Age group: from 7 years old

Cost: on request

Students learn programming by playing. They easily control tools, create characters and worlds, and control troops. During the game, they embody ideas, build structures and experiment with game elements, developing unique projects.

Age group: from 8 to 10 years old

Cost: from 1180 rubles.

Programming for schoolchildren becomes exciting thanks to robots that look like turtles. Using game methods through Scratch, Java and Python, children learn to code and observe the implementation of their commands in the movement of robots. Modern school programs include the use of VR technologies to immerse oneself in the learning process, allowing you to explore educational materials interactively. Teachers guide students by helping them find their way in learning. The course consists of 33 classes of 80 minutes each.

Age group: from 7 to 12 years old

Cost: the first lesson is free

During the online course on creating 3D games, participants will master programming skills. They will study the features of working with three-dimensional graphics, data processing, the use of variables, logic algorithms and the basics of AI. The training includes both individual and collective classes, with a total of 39 lessons of 60 minutes each. Classes are held 1-2 times a week. At the end of the course, each student will create their own project.


The article describes the top 15 educational programming courses for young people using Minecraft. These courses effectively combine play and learning, helping to develop children's logical thinking and creativity. The interactive environment of Minecraft motivates the younger generation to be interested in computer science and education in general.

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