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"Freebie" or cheese in a mousetrap? Telegram has provided an opportunity to get Premium status "for free"

Telegram announced the launch of a new Peer-to-Peer Login program, providing a screenshot of the function provided by a user from Indonesia. This new feature allows users in some countries to receive Premium status by sending SMS messages with authorization codes to other participants. Thus, Telegram provides additional options for obtaining privileges in exchange for mutual assistance in authorizing other users.  

As part of the new feature, Telegram announces that this feature is only available in certain countries. The messenger uses the user's phone number to send no more than 150 SMS codes per month at the user's expense. Upon reaching the minimum set number of sent messages, the user is rewarded in the form of a transmitted code that allows them to receive a monthly subscription to Telegram Premium. It is important to note that the messenger does not compensate for the cost of sending messages, leaving it on the shoulders of users.

The company guarantees the security of such SMS messages to log into the application. An agreement is concluded with the participants of the program on the use of such a function, which implies legal responsibility for the disclosure of personal information or participant numbers.

P.S. Personally, I am a little concerned about the appearance of such an opportunity! What about you?

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