Migration to Servercore Cloud Helps Air Samarkand Boosted User Base by 50%

Servercore, a global IT infrastructure provider, announced a cooperation agreement with the Air Samarkand private airline of Uzbekistan. Servercore took on the IT administration of the corporate portal and helped the partner transfer a portion of their IT infrastructure to the cloud as part of the joint project. As a result, Air Samarkand saw a 50% increase in service users and greatly improved the response time of its IT systems.

Air Samarkand was established in 2022. The airline started operating charter flights for businesses and tour operators in 2023, and in March 2024, it started operating scheduled flights. The airline plans to significantly expand its fleet and route network this year, adding flights to Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and CIS countries. Air Samarkand's fleet consists of Airbus A330-300, A321, and A321neo, all reliable state-of-the-art aircraft flown by top airlines across the globe.

Most of Air Samarkand's IT infrastructure is hosted on its own hardware in order to meet the industry-specific security requirements. However, Air Samarkand chose to transfer a part of its IT infrastructure to a dedicated provider's cloud due to the company's business expansion, data growth, and increasing IT service load.

"Cybersecurity experts from other companies that had dealt with Servercore before suggested the provider to us. We were convinced of the team's exceptional technical proficiency since our first meeting to discuss the project. Their engineers always have ready-made solutions and take care of errors in the project's source code all on their own. They helped us transfer a portion of our IT systems to the cloud quickly and seamlessly," stated Head of Information Systems at Air Samarkand Ruslan Narkevich.

In order to help Air Samarkand overcome the existing challenges, Servercore provided cloud servers with adaptable configurations that make scaling resources in response to rising demand and data growing processing volume a trivial task.

In addition, Air Samarkand makes use of provider-supplied cloud databases for processing and storing data and Managed Kubernetes for corporate portal deployment in order to address a range of business challenges.

Furthermore, Servercore manages the intricate technical framework of Air Samarkand's corporate portal. As a result, the Air Samarkand portal keeps functioning uninterrupted, freeing up the airline's own IT experts to focus on other pressing issues. 

Air Samarkand was able to smoothly transfer a portion of its IT infrastructure to the cloud and enhance projects' architecture thanks to the partnership with Servercore. The company's on-premise solutions saw a significant load reduction as a result of the migration, which also guaranteed the uninterrupted operation of its vital services. User satisfaction with the services has increased, according to an internal assessment conducted by Air Samarkand.

"We received extensive technical support from Servercore throughout the migration process. Even though it was not an SLA-covered incident, the provider's team was able to handle an emergency situation we encountered. We successfully avoided service interruptions and finished the cloud platform migration ahead of schedule. We appreciate this approach. For us, this is a unique collaboration case," added Ruslan Narkevich.


About Servercore

Servercore is an international IT infrastructure provider with a local presence. Since 2021, Servercore has been assisting businesses in delivering services to users in countries experiencing breakthrough technological growth, such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kenya.

Servercore supports businesses throughout all stages of infrastructure servicing, from designing IT systems and selecting servers to management, scaling, and reporting. All these services are accessible via a single dashboard available at my.servercore.com.

Servercore is a resident of IT Park, established to foster interest in information technologies in Uzbekistan and support promising startup projects, as well as of the Astana Hub, the largest innovation hub in Central Asia.

For more information, visit servercore.com

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