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Mobile advertising of Fencarol drug on the BYYD platform

Allergic reactions can manifest not just during spring's flowering season but at any point throughout the year. This fact holds significant importance when promoting allergy medications. It's crucial to distinctly identify who might benefit from such remedies and devise optimal strategies for disseminating information about them.

Today, we'll illustrate, using our platform as an example, how the tools utilized by mobile programmers assist in precisely identifying the target audience for antihistamines. Furthermore, we'll showcase our successful campaign for the Fencarol brand.


  • increasing brand awareness;
  • attracting the target audience to the site.


  • Rich Media creatives in Russian (1, 2) and Uzbek (1, 2) languages
  • targeting by social.dem. parameters
  • SSP optimization

Geo: Uzbekistan

Accurate message addressing is critical when setting up mobile advertising. That is why, first of all, we focused our attention on the qualitative adjustment of targeting parameters.

As socio-demographic characteristics, it was decided to choose an audience of men/ women 24+ years old. Relevant interests were also selected. To them we have attributed:

Medicine/ Health/ Allergies/ Healthy Eating/ Natural Products/ Vitamin Supplements/ Natural/ Organic/ Medicinal herbs/ Folk remedies/ Wildlife/ Environment/ Children/ Children's Books/ Baby Products/ Toddlers and Babies

After the launch of the advertising campaign, we regularly conducted optimization based on precise statistics from the BYYD platform. Throughout the optimization process, we selected platforms that yielded the best results during the promotion.

So, for the entire period of the advertising campaign, we managed to reach 1,804,326 unique users. And, as a result of the competent use of the selected tools - optimization, targeting and other settings - we managed to exceed the key indicators.

So, the planned CTR was 0.5%, while we managed to get a value of 0.52%.

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