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Mobile advertising of the Geely brand

When it comes to mobile advertising for automotive brands, there are several important things to consider.

For example, the target audience interested in cars has its own characteristics, so choosing the right targeting settings plays a big role in the success of an advertising campaign. In addition, the geography of advertising placement also plays an important role.

Geely, a popular Chinese car brand, can be cited as an example of successful promotion in mobile applications thanks to programmatic advertising.


  • increase brand awareness and awareness
  • attracting users to the landing page


  • fullscreen
  • targeting by socio-demographic characteristics
  • relevant interests and application categories

Geo: Kazakhstan

When developing the advertising strategy, we decided to choose several types of targeting: socio-demographic and interest-based targeting.

We adjusted socio-demographic parameters, focusing on the characteristics of the target audience of the brand message for men and women 25-50 years old. We also selected relevant interests for 3 relevant topics: interests by income level, vehicles, children/family.

The optimization of the advertising campaign was carried out according to the statistics of the BYYD platform. Apps with a low CTR were entered in the Black List.

As a result of the advertising campaign, we managed to reach more than a million users and get a CTR value of 1.58%.

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