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An inexpensive way to promote a start-up

During the 2 months since I started my start-up, I would single out 2 tools for an inexpensive and effective tool for marketing promotion. The first is a social network - Instagram, and the second is networking.Using the example of my start-up, the reach and interaction with the audience has grown by 2 times, as our creatives, communication with the audience through content and visual have borne fruit. There I also conduct castdevs with clients and performers, and test the effectiveness of the start-up business model.Even with subscribers of 100 people, maintaining an Instagram account bears fruit: through REELS, the target audience can notice you, share the creative (if it is useful, closes the client's pain) with friends, and a cold audience can warm up in stories.This is one of the reasons why you need to go to the site www.artgala .kz and submit a request to find your content-maker artist to promote your Instagram. With any budget, in any city of Kazakhstan, we will select an artist for you to promote your business online.

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