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Delta Education School. Successful cases of the TechOrda program implementation. Shotaev Asylkhan

Programming is one of the most promising and in-demand areas in the modern world. Every year thousands of people from all over the world decide to invest their efforts and time in exploring this fascinating and interesting field. Today we want to share the success story of one of our students, Shotaev Asylkhan, who completed the Python-developer course and successfully got a job at an IT company in Almaty.

Where did you start your journey in the IT world?

I started my journey in the world of programming with small steps. I was interested in programming at school and was interested in creating programs that could solve complex problems automatically. However, like many, I lacked the structure and resources for systematic learning. While studying at the university, I learned about the Delta Education school. Programming courses developed by current developers with many years of experience in this field were presented at this educational center. I chose the Python-developer course because Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

How was the learning process?

For six months, I delved into the world of Python and software development, studied the basics of the language, worked on projects and received feedback from experienced mentors. Learning offline, getting to know real practical cases from the field of real IT development and the opportunity to communicate with fellow students allowed me to grow rapidly as a specialist.

Successful employment

After completing the course, I decided to try to put my skills into practice and started looking for employment opportunities. As a result, I was accepted to the position of a Python developer at an IT company in Almaty, where I am currently developing automation and robotization systems for HR services.

The story of Shotaev Asylkhan is a vivid example of how diligent learning and constant striving for development can lead to the achievement of goals. State educational programs provide unique opportunities for education and training of specialists in this field. The IT industry is constantly growing, and stories like this confirm that the opportunities for a successful career in this field are endless.

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