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No-Code development: Part 1

"Application development? Um... no! I'm not a tech guy." 

But what if you don't need to understand technology at all? Say hello to No-Code development! 

Because of the name, many people who are not versed in technical issues say that it is too good to be true. We agree that it seems fictional, but it is not so at all. When you delve into the details and understand how it works, you will be surprised that it didn't appear earlier!  

In this article, we will introduce you to all the important aspects so that you understand the No-Code technology well.

What is No-Code? 

No-code is a software development approach that allows people who do not have extensive programming knowledge to create applications, solutions and workflows using visual tools using drag and drop. These No-Code tools provide a number of ready-made templates and modules that can be customized to meet specific requirements. 

Frameworks without code are becoming more and more popular, because even a non-technical specialist can implement and create workflows and solutions.  

What is development "without code"?

Development without code uses simple mechanics such as dragging and dropping and selecting from preset parameters to create an application. The platform is, in fact, a visual environment in which people who do not have coding knowledge can create a fully functional and easy-to-use application. 

Since the world entered the digital age, developers have been at the forefront. Their demand has increased over time around the world. Due to the fact that digital transformation covers all industries, the need for them is higher than ever. This demand exploits the pain points of organizations, because no matter how much they want digital transformation, they cannot afford and/or find stellar technical specialists who can take on all the IT requirements. 

The founders were constantly looking for a way to overcome this burden by allowing their employees to create applications (civilian developers) without prior technical knowledge or the need for training. That's why developing without code is a boon, and the market is growing fast. According to Research and Markets, it will reach $ 187 billion by 2030. This number is not just huge; it is impressively gigantic.

Who are the No-Code developers? 

Widely known as civilian developers. In fact, these are business users or domain experts who bring ideas to life with the help of technologies without code. Since these developers are business users and do not have any coding knowledge, it is necessary to develop a citizen development management program. 

A comprehensive citizen development program should be created so that these users do not put themselves at risk of data security or create incomplete applications.

What is No-Code technology? 

Technologies without code are software development platforms that allow users to create applications without writing any lines of code. The platforms use a graphical interface that allows users to drag and drop ready-made components for application development.

What are the main advantages of No-Code development? 

The benefits are not limited to a department or part of a business. The value of creating applications using a code-free environment can be used by all departments as well as industries. Saving time, reducing costs and curbing shadow TI, and these are just some of the biggest benefits of using an application development platform without code. Once you discover the biggest benefits of developing applications without code for teams, you will be thrilled! Don't believe us? Keep reading and find out for yourself the benefits of no code. 

1. Everyone can build 

The biggest and most important advantage has already been highlighted in this article. The fact is that now almost everyone can develop applications. You don't need technical experience or code knowledge. Anyone (or, as we like to call them, civilian developers) can create functional applications in less than an hour! 

2. Cost reduction 

Professional developers are not cheap. They are very expensive. No-code replaces them in an instant and saves all overhead costs. Moreover, because it is fast, it saves man-hours, which ultimately leads to the preservation of income. 

3. Reduction of application and prototype creation time 

As mentioned above, the process of creating applications on platforms without code is fast. In addition, prototyping becomes simple at the development stage; optical modeling creates visualized information about the application and its necessary steps. A good app will only take an hour. Imagine that! 

4. Excellent maneuverability 

Flexibility is always a plus, whether in the context of people or development platforms. Development without code puts this check mark, automating everything from assembly to testing. This way, teams will have more time to do the work, instead of spending it preparing for work. Also, making changes will be fast! 

5. Enhanced innovation 

Development without code will ease the burden on IT and give civilian developers the opportunity to create their own applications. This will stimulate their creativity, and continuous innovation will gradually become part of the corporate culture. 

6. Business Alignment When the main workforce takes on the task of developing applications, inefficiency is reduced because they have worked in different departments and know what is expected of them. This helps align business goals and increase productivity.

7. Reduction of unauthorized IT-Risky IT or shadow IT uses unauthorized information technology resources within the organization. Code-free platforms implemented using a well-thought-out strategy, management and assistance from a central IT team bring structure and accountability to fraudulent IT activities, turning them into a regulated force for good. 

8. Development through iterations Application development without code allows users to develop applications and configure their updates. This allows civilian developers to make changes at any point in the development cycle. Continuous development and simple updates allow users to improve their ideas and create perfect applications.  

What can be built without code? 

Platforms without code are almost magical. They offer endless possibilities for creating any application based on business needs. All you need is an idea; with the right solutions without code, you can implement it in minutes and hours. Some of these applications include: 

1. Business Applications: - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Project and task management

- Support service management

- Management of business trips and expenses

- Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

- Self-service of employees

- Asset management

2. Website and portals

3. Workflow automation tools

4. Mobile applications 

How to choose and implement a development platform without code? 

Before choosing a platform without code, determine and analyze what you need. This will help businesses record the available options. The next important step is to test the capabilities of the platform without code. You need to consider factors such as ease of use, workflow builder, drag and drop, integration, etc. 

Check and compare prices for different platforms without code. Take into account how much your business is willing to spend. Different platforms without code offer different types of pricing; companies need to check which platforms are best suited to their needs. Other factors when choosing and implementing a platform without code are the level of available settings, integrations, after-sales support, etc.

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