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New horizons in IT: OzenVision students achieve heights

The training at the OzenVision IT school has come to an end, and all students have successfully defended their final projects. Despite the completion of this stage, our activities continue actively, providing new opportunities for our students.

As part of the Tech Orda program, we continue to organize a variety of events and workshops aimed at expanding the knowledge and skills of our students. Recently, on April 17, a master class was held with the participation of a researcher from Fachhochschule Dortmund, Germany, and a senior lecturer from Astana IT University. The topic of the master class touched on important aspects: "How to make a resume, pass interviews and internships", as well as "How to work in IT and the job market in Kazakhstan". The participants received valuable knowledge and advice from experts in the field of data analysis and building a successful career.

Also, on April 13, a Pizza Pitch was held within the framework of the Aqmola IT Hub, where our students presented their projects in the categories "IT startup" and "Data analysis". The good news was that student Merey Ualikhanov was recognized as the best in the "Data analysis" category. Her success is an example of how the Tech Orda program helps our students achieve meaningful results and become leaders in their field.

The achievements of our graduates are not just pride for our school, but also motivation for all current and future students. We are confident that everyone who is trained under the Tech Orda program gets unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are proud of each graduate and continue to support them on their way to new successes. We continue our work and strive for new achievements!

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